Aquatreat closed circuit treatments

Closed Circuit Treatments

Chemical cleaners, inhibitors, dispersants, descalers, biocides and antifreeze products are readily available from Aquatreat’s extensive range of treatment products for all types of closed circuit applications.



Aquatreat’s superior inhibitor products help to manage and control the detrimental effects of corrosion on plant and equipment as well as improving operational efficiency and reducing downtime.  

Aquatreat CL800
Standard nitrite blend of corrosion inhibitors for chilled and low pressure heating systems. Not suitable for aluminium.
Aquatreat CL812
Molybdate/nitrite blend of corrosion inhibitors for all closed systems. Not suitable for aluminium.
Aquatreat CL820 Synergised blend of inhibitors, including nitrite. Not suitable for aluminium.
Aquatreat CL821 Blend of organic and inorganic corrosion inhibitors buffered for multi-metal systems including aluminium.  Do not use with Stelrad Super Plus boilers.
Aquatreat CL850 Blend of organic and inorganic inhibitors with dispersants for LPHW and MPHW systems. Does not contain nitrite. Not suitable for aluminium.
Aquatreat CL100 An environmental friendly scale and corrosion inhibitor for domestic heating systems and other multi-metal systems.  Also helps prevent microbiological activity.  
Aquatreat BW160 Multi function tannin treatment for heating systems or as oxygen scavenger in low pressure (< 20 bar) steam boilers. Not suitable for aluminium.
Aquatreat TTS20 Supplementary liquid corrosion inhibitor providing enhanced protection to copper and its alloys.


Cleaners and Dispersants

Aquatreat’s advanced range of chemical cleaners and speciality products help to remove unwanted iron and scale deposits found in systems as well as other building debris.  

Aquatreat Ferrosolv Neutral organic chelant, dispersant and surfactants for removal of deposits.
Aquatreat Ferroclene Organic chelant, dispersant and surfactants for removal of deposits – near neutral.
Aquatreat Ferrosperse Concentrated blend of sequestering and dispersing agents for removal of deposits – alkaline.
Aquatreat ProClene Organic environmentally friendly cleaner comprising next generation chelants derived from natural carbohydrates, polymers and dispersants. (NTA, EDTA, phosphonate free).
Aquatreat PCC 1500 Concentrated blend of chelants, polymers and dispersants – NTA free.
Ammoniated Citric Acid Formulated ammoniated citric acid.



Combating bacterial growth in closed systems has become more prominent in recent years and Aquatreat offers a wide range of biocides specific for controlling the various species found in such environments.  

Aquatreat BK Combination isothiazolinone/bronopol biocide for controlling a wide range of microbiological species.
Aquatreat KT200 Stabilised solution of isothiazolinone to control a wide range of bacteria, fungi and algae.
Aquatreat GX Glutaraldehyde biocide – broad spectrum biocide – useful for killing sulphate reducing bacteria.


Freeze Protection

Frost and freeze protection can be vital for protecting water based heat transfer fluids.  Aquatreat’s products range from standard mono-ethylene and mono-propylene glycols through to pharmaceutical grades and a new, glycol free product.

Universal Antifreeze Inhibited mono-ethylene glycol conforms to and exceeds BS6580:1992 and provides a high degree of corrosion protection for both aluminium and ferrous cooling systems.
MEG Uninhibited mono-ethylene glycol for freeze/frost protection. If corrosion protection is also required, a suitable corrosion inhibitor package should be added to this product.
MPG Uninhibited mono-propylene glycol for freeze/frost protection. If corrosion protection is also required, a suitable corrosion inhibitor package should be added to this product.
CHILLTEC 100 Inhibited propylene glycol – pharmaceutical grade glycol containing a food grade inhibitor package.
ProCorr Antifreeze Ecological and environmentally friendly non-toxic secondary refrigerant antifreeze derived from refined vegetable extracts and blended with corrosion, scale and biological inhibitors.


Descalers and associated products

Aquatreat’s range of comprehensive descalers and associated products has been well known for many years.  If hard scale has formed in a system, an acid based product is ultimately the only suitable product that will successfully remove it. 

Aquatreat CDR A mild acid descaling formulation suitable for use in domestic central heating systems.
Aquatreat Aquaform
Formulated formic acid based product with dual inhibitors and acid indicator.
Aquatreat DP
Formulated solution of phosphoric acid, wetting agents and inhibitor.
Aquatreat S3
Sulphamic Acid supplied with a film forming inhibitor.
Aquatreat HCL
Inhibited hydrochloric acid 32%
Aquatreat SCL
Powdered alkali used for pH correction of effluent after acid cleaning.
Aquatreat S3 inhibitor
Specialist liquid inhibitor for Aquatreat S3; can also be used with other acids.
Aquatreat CA
Citric acid powder for mild descaling purposes



Tracers are useful speciality products which can be used in the colouration of miscellaneous aqueous systems and, in particular, to assist in the tracing of leaks.

Tracer Fluoresceine Tracer
Phenolphthalein 0.5%
and 1% solutions
pH sensitive tracing solutions


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