Aquatreat regulatory compliance

Regulatory Compliance

With the growing need to meet national and global legal requirements, standards, and regulations, the challenge for all businesses is to identify all the compliance issues that affect, or are likely to affect, our own specific industry. Aquatreat aims to identify, accurately and cost effectively, compliance related laws and regulations resulting from the company’s activities: both within and beyond its business boundaries.

Health and Safety

Aquatreat has been involved in the water treatment industry for over 35 years and Safety is our priority. No management function has a higher priority than the safety of our employees and
non-employees who could be affected by any of our activities. The company operates a zero tolerance to unsafe working practices and is committed to promoting and maintaining safe practices in our day to day activities. This is achieved through consultation with employees, customers, external bodies and compliance with current legislation.

Quality Assurance

Aquatreat was one of the first UK water treatment companies to achieve accreditation in 1992 to the original BS EN ISO 9001 standard. Aquatreat’s current accreditation to BS EN ISO 9001: 2008 continues to build on the early expectations of quality assurance management.

Environmental Management

In 2010 Aquatreat achieved accreditation to BS EN ISO 14001; a Standard that we believe is an essential building block in the management of the company’s environmental strategy.  

We recognise that the business activities at our site in Mitcham, and the supply of chemicals to our customers, have an impact on the environment and we are keen to minimise this impact. We are committed to the prevention of pollution, aim to continually improve our environmental performance, and comply with all relevant environmental legislation.

Waste Management

Managing waste, not only for Aquatreat but also its customers, is a service that Aquatreat continues to develop. The waste management of plastic, in particular, continues to be challenging and Aquatreat is committed to ensuring that all plastic waste is recycled.