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Speciality Treatment Products

Speciality products for specific problems as well as allied industries continue to be added to Aquatreat’s range of products as part of our on-going development and expansion across the wider applications of the water treatment industry.

Aquatreat Antifoam
Concentrated antifoam.
Aquatreat Antifoam FDP Silicone based antifoam emulsion.
De-ionised water
Aquatreat PAC 10 Pool clarifier.
Aquatreat HCL/FG Uninhibited hydrochloric acid 28% - food grade.
Aquatreat Enzyme FT Biological liquid used for digesting fats and grease traps, drains and lines of kitchens and restaurants.
Aquatreat Algae Eliminator Dual action formulation for destroying existing green, black and mustard algae.
Aqua-T PC2949 Cationic Polymer for effluent treatment.
Aquatreat HP35 35% hydrogen peroxide.
Stabilised chlorine granules Chlorine granules for shock dosing of swimming pools and spas.


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